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Posted on Aug 01, 2018 at 11:25

Elo boosting game and how you can place your order

Do you love to play real-time strategy games such as the Royal boost? It is a fact that everyone wants to play games that not only provides them a better experience out of it but also is unique. We provide very high-quality service to the players and provide them a finest experience of the game. The services are available in different parts of countries such as Brazil, Europe Nordic, Latin America, Europe West, North America and many more. If you wish to play the safest and fastest LoL Boosting then we provide you the VPN servers. To know more about our services keep reading the article and get to know everything about it.

What is elo boosting game?

The elo boosting is also known as MMR boosting game that acts when a player gets to log into some other player’s account in order to play a ranked game. Only professional players reached master ranks without getting issued and have vast elo Boosting familiarity. You can make use of our services and trace games easily as we offer high quality and reliable services to our customers. Presently more than thousand of happy customers and completed orders have reached due to guaranteed orders. 

Our lol elo boosting game actually offers 20% discounts and our prices even get cheaper compared to other gaming websites with terrible players. We not only prefer a duo queue to the customers but also teach them how they can play the game more efficiently. You might don’t know that most of our boosters have already participated in at least one of the popular championship such as the LCS. 

How can you place an order with cheap elo boost?

Before you know about it, get to know why you need to place an order. This is so because we provide the best lol boost experiences that no other website in the market provides to the players and we also have talented players with challenger ranks. Many of the players have reached next level with groundbreaking elo boost services and has gained vast amount of information regarding the game. Since our website consist of innovating dashboard with up-to-date progress bar and match history, you will be about to learn different gaming tricks and skills by conversing with an elite collection of players. 

Moreover, the customers or players can live chat with the boosters and with the RoyalBoost you need not have to worry regarding the security as out VPN server provides safest and secured boosting services. 

You can visit the official website of the duoq boost and place an order with the royal boost. 

What else will you get?

Live chat with ELO booster- our live chat features allow the customer to stay in touch with the coach or booster all the time and you can ask for a favor, picks and gaming tips any time. 

Up-to-date history- You will be able to save personal match history of the games played by the boosters. 

Track your boosting progress- with the help of a personal order page; you can track coach progress in the ongoing game in a straight line.

Just place the order and get most out of our elo boosting gaming services.

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RoyaleBoost – Elo Boosting Services

Posted on Mar 20, 2018 at 13:00

RoyaleBoost – Elo Boosting Services

When it comes to Elo boosting for your League of Legends game, RoyaleBoost is one of the best elo boosting companies that provides safe and secure boosting at competitive prices. If you are really serious about taking your game to the next level, then it is time now for you to order with RoyaleBoost.  

How to Place an order with RoyaleBoost?

Pick your Service

Choose the best boosting service from our website as we have many options for you to choose from. You can also choose between:

Division Boost

Allows you to increase your rank with LoL. Here you need to specify your current rank along with current division and also the desired rank and division you need our players to win for you. The rate depends on the rank you want to achieve, the higher the rank, the higher the price.

Wins Boost

Allows you specify the number of wins you wanted to achieve. Specify your current rank and division along with the number of wins.

DuoQ Games

Similar to the Wins Boost, but here you can also specify the number of games you need to win or only the number of win in your current division

Placement Matches

Choose this option if you want to have a placement boost. 

Mastery Boost

People looking to increase their mastery level can choose this option. You need to select your champion, current tier and the desired tier and a master player will be assigned to help you achieve the desired mastery level

Normal draft 

If you are just looking to order the number of wins, you can choose this option

Choose a Payment Method

RoyaleBoost supports various payment methods including Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Choose your desired payment mode and make the payment to confirm your order.

Track your Order

Once you have made the payment successfully, a new account will be created and the details will be sent to you. And you can track the progress of your order by logging into your account. You can even chat live with your assigned player and discuss about your order.

Why RoyaleBoost is Safe and Secure?

Once you place an order with RoyaleBoost, consider your account is in safe hands. RoyaleBoost maintains strict guidelines with its players and your account details can never be hacked and is perfectly safe with us. Your assigned players will not interact with anyone in your account and only play the game to achieve the desired rank or tier. Also, you can be 100% guaranteed that no details in your account can be modified even by the player as it is linked to your account email for which only you have the access to it.

And in case if you are not satisfied with the services of RoyaleBoost, you are always welcome to opt for a complete refund as RoyaleBoost will make arrangements to return your money. You can feel safe that your money is always safe and secure until you confirm that the order is completed.

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How to choose the best elo boosting company?

Posted on Mar 18, 2018 at 14:36

How to choose the best elo boosting company?

League of Legends is one of the most popular online multiplayer games for several years now. Launched in 2009 by Riot Games, the game shot into fame very quickly with its extensive graphics, strategies adopted to wipe out your enemies before they start to destroy you. But moving up the ladder in the game is a bit tough as you need to grind it out through various levels to get access to your favorite weapons. And if you are looking forward to up the ante and move through the divisions quickly, you can look for the services of good elo boosting services that will help you with attaining your desired tier.

A professional elo boosting company like royaleboost employs only passionate and professional League of Legends players who have huge experience and have mastered the art of playing the game for a long time. Our players also help you not only in attaining the desired tier, but also provide you with tips and strategies to play the game along with clarifying all your queries related to playing the game. Hence, it is important to choose the company that offers professional elo boosting services that satisfy all the requirements of its customers. It is also imperative from the users point to look for a company like royaleboost that has a solid reputation in the elo boosting service industry along with top ranked players and competitive prices as well. 

If you are looking on how to choose the best lol elo boosting company, then here are a few tips that would assist:

Solid Reputation:

Look whether the company offering the elo boosting services has a good name in the industry and whether it delivered results. Read reviews from other customers about their experience with the company and only after you feel satisfied, you can then choose to order their service for your lol boosting requirements.

Professional Players:

Some of the professional lol boosting companies will not hide their players' profiles and hence look for the profile of the player to look for his skill, speed levels etc. Professional players not only offer the boosting services but also clarify queries on the strategies of the game and help you improve your game playing skills as well.

Fulfilment Time:

When it comes to lol boosting, quick turnaround time is also an important aspect for a professional lol boosting service company. A good company employs only professional players and provides top priority to your orders to get it done as soon as possible. A company like royaleboost, that employs only master and challenger players, don’t have any problem with completing your order quickly.


Another important aspect of boosting services is to keep all details of your account safe and secure. The boosting company must ensure that their players use encrypted VPNs to keep your account safe.

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Why play role playing video games?

Posted on Feb 23, 2018 at 13:01

The use of computers today cannot be completely avoided. Computers are used everywhere. Almost every family in developed countries has at least one computer in their household and even undeveloped societies tend to reach that number. We are literally surrounded by technology and computers. That’s why many people are concerned that our lives will be changed forever. They are especially concerned about gaming and how it can affect people of all ages. However, latest studies have proven that playing games, especially role playing games, can be very beneficial for our health.

First and foremost, role playing games are good learning tool. Instead of learning new skills in a completely new natural environment you can do that from the comfort of your home. We are not talking only about amateur training; role playing games are also used as part of flight training for example. Pilots are operating an airplane in a simulator first.  You can also experience some battles from the past and take the role of a solider for example.

Role playing games are good for the mental health too. Those who are suffering from depression or those who are dealing with a lot of stress will find role playing games especially useful. By playing these games, the patient/sufferer is focusing on the character’s state instead of its own and the good thing is that even when the game is over, he/she feels relaxed because the experience he/she had with the character provides good mood.

These games can also be beneficial for those who have troubles when it comes to decision making. Almost every role paying game requires fast reactions and making decisions quickly. Since gamers know that this is not a real life situation they are bolder and make decisions more quickly. This will make them think about the decisions that they make in real life too. They don’t have to hesitate in situations when the outcome is more and less known. By playing role playing games the gamer understands how it looks to be someone else and in this way he understands himself better.

Role playing games are a great mood booster. They provide mental well-being and people that play games regardless of their age feel better.

The only disadvantage that role playing games bring is if they are overused. There are some people who use gaming as an escape from their reality which is really wrong. The game’s intention is to entertain us and bring us some of the benefits that we have mentioned. They certainly can’t change the reality that we live in. Spending many hours in front of your computer every day is not a healthy thing and those benefits won’t have any effect.

League of Legends is one of those MOBA and role playing games that can help you experience all the benefits that gaming brings. It’s a game that stays on the top of the popularity lists in the last few years and that’s the prove about its quality.

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League of Legends – Choosing the Right Champion

Posted on Jan 31, 2018 at 16:11

Those who are already playing League of Legends have probably realized how important it is to choose the right champion. This is one of the most important things that can affect the progress of your account and the time needed for reaching new levels. That’s why you must carefully choose your champion and preferably find one that reflects your best gaming abilities. In this way you will be able to win battles more easily and upgrade your champion which means a stronger champion and more experience points. lol elo boostThese are some of the most popular champions in League of Legends.

Akali – This champion is the perfect option for those who enjoy one on one fight. Akali is actually a hybrid that is equally good at doing damage both by using magic and by using physical force. Her biggest weakness is her performance in late game. You can prevent her doing damage by using pink ward and by using an oracle. Make sure you use the W spell in the right way.

Alistar – Gamers that are looking for a support champion that is good at defense but even more powerful when it comes to offensive should check Alistar. He has very strong AOE knock up and it is one of the best support champions for every type of LoL team. He can use several combos (WQ included). The best way to defend from Alistar is to use CC and spread your champions because AListar is deadly on a small space.

Cho’Gath – This champion acts like a tank or a pusher and we can confirm that this is probably one of the weirdest champions. He can deliver strong damage to the opponents. You must aim well his Q because otherwise he is almost useless.

Darius – One of the best champions when it comes to one on one fight. His ultimate ability is one of the strongest among all champions. He can use it several times during one fight. You can prevent his attacks by buying QSS.

Ezreal – Just like Akali, this champion provides good early and mid gameplay but he is little bit weaker when it comes to late game.  Of course, this situation can be corrected by using proper upgrades later in the game.

Fiddlesticks – This champion is most valuable when it is used as a jungler. Fiddlesticks should be used in the jungle where he can patiently wait for the opponents to fall into his trap. You can deal with him by using counter attacks.

Cassiopeia – One of the hardest champions to destroy. If this champion is in the game it’s better to have her on your side. Her speed and ratio are just amazing. The best way to avoid her ult is to avoid staying close to her with your face champion looking at her.

Besides these champions there are many other champions that you can choose. As we have mentioned before take your time and analyze all of them. Having the right champion can determine the outcome of the game!

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