Frequently Asked Questions
How exactly does our service work?
First, you need to make a payment for improving your performance in ranked games. After payment, send us your username and password, which we can use to access and play on your account. Because we have many players in the Challenger league, you can be sure that we are the right people to enhance the quality and speed of your order.
How sure am I that my account will not be stolen?
We have a 100% secure security application built by our programmer. This application is developed to block boosters from accessing you account, so that your account is not only secure, but also not prone to theft.
Will the booster access my IP address and PR?
No. It will not. Our application often blocks the access to the shop, so there is nothing to worry about really.
How many boosters will play on my account?
We have many boosters. So, you can be sure that more than one boosters will play on your account. We want to complete you order as fast as possible, and that is why any available booster will play on your account.
May I ask the booster to play a certain champion, or a certain role?
Although you can ask the booster about this, the final decision belongs to him. It is important to note the booster will choose only what is best for the team.
Is it possible to watch the game being performed by the booster on my account?
Of course, Yes! You can use our software to spectate the game straight from your own account.
Can I contact the booster outside of the game?
Yes, on your order page there's a support chat which you can use to contact the booster or an administrator.
Is there a possibility that I will be banned for boosting?
We can not guarantee that your account is 100% safe from RIOT, however, we are doing our best to make sure no one gets banned for using our services.
I noticed that there hasn’t been any game playing on my account for hours now. Why exactly is this happening?
Note that there are many reasons why this can happen, but if there are no problems with the server, please send us a message and we will be glad to help you.
I have a personally desired division. How long will you work on my account to help me achieve that?
We boost a minimum of 1 division a day for orders under Diamond V. This being said, our boosters are hard working employees that strive to satisfy each customer. You can also ask this question in booster chat, he will have a better answer for you since every order is different.
I want to play on my account while you are working on it. Is it possible?
Yes. It is possible to play on your account even when we are working on it. You will be able to play all games except for solo or duo 5v5.
I made a payment already. What do I do next?
Not only will you be redirected to a registration page, but also you will get a confirmation link to your account. You must create a new account if you don’t already have one. Now go to the order page and add your username and password. Now be sure that you account will be ready for boosting. Rest assured, your account is now ready for boosting.
I would like to become a booster, what shall I do?
Talk to us through the contact form which is available here: contact page. Remember that we recruit only Diamond I and Challenger players.
Can you win my promotion games?
We don't play promotion games only. We can offer you two ways of playing these games. The first option is a guaranteed promotion to a higher league or divison. The second option is to buy a certain amount of wins, this however doesn't guarantee promotion.
What servers do you function on?
At the moment we work on the following servers: EU West, EU Nordic & East, North America, Brazil, Russia, Latin America North, Latin America South and Oceania.
You don't function on my server, when can I expect this to change?
It's possible that with time we will extend the range of our services, for updates you can track our facebook page.
I've made a mistake in my order and I picked the wrong server, what shall I do?
Write to us through the contact form and dont forget to mention the right server.
I paid for the service but the league/division differs on my account from the league/division that I mentioned in the order, what now?
We will change your order details or if you want your order will be cancelled and the money will return to your acccount.
I paid for promotion from the fifth to fourth division but the booster jumped to division three, do I have to pay extra?
No. If you're happy, so are we.
What are gifts and why are they given to the boosters?
Gifts are extra money for the boosters. Gifts are given out by you and they cost you extra money. You can reward the booster for multiple reasons, for example a lot of wins in a row , high scores , games with your favourite champion or games as your favourite role.
I don't have a paypal account, can I use a different payment method?
Unfortunately at the moment we dont use any different payment methods. Creating a Paypal account is free, if there are any problems we will try and help you.
I have a question which I can't find in the FAQ, how can I ask it?
You can ask us the question through the contact form, available here: contact page.
How does the coaching look like?
Coaching begins with a conversation with the trainer. During that conversation you decide what you want to do with the trainer. It can be a game together or analysing a replay. What you will do depends on the trainer and the amount of time you buy.